How it works

With the LOVELO app, it's easier and faster! I create my account, I scan and I roll!

Find a bike

With 64 stations, Rouen will shine on soft mobility. Use the app to find the nearest station to you.

Park the bike in a station

Park your bike in one of the 64 stations with raspberry arches provided for this purpose. Using GPS, find the nearest station. Move your bike forward by optimizing the space around the arch. Secure your bike with connected padlocks. That's it, until your next use.

Step 1 : choose a subscription duration


PERMANENT PASS - For visitors or regulars

✅ Pass 1 year 25€

✅ Pass 7 days 5€

✅ Pass 1 day 1€


For employers

Pass 2 bikes for 1 year €40