Terms of purchase


The applicable rates are those in force following the deliberation of the Metropolitan Council. They are specified on the Website and the Application and are displayed at the time of the User's subscription to the Service. They are expressed including taxes (TTC).

During prefectural procedures for information-recommendation or alerting about episodes of air pollution, and throughout the duration of these episodes, the prices of 1-day passes as well as the prices of one-hour trips will be free.

Service Cost

  • The cost of accessing the Service subscribed by the user, which varies depending on the type of subscription or pass subscribed.
  • The usage cost, which varies depending on the type of subscription or pass subscribed and the duration of Service usage.

Each trip can be viewed in the "My Account" section available on the website and the application.

The fare is directly charged to the user's credit card based on the duration of the trip. Any fraction of a minute is payable.

The user acknowledges and accepts that the applicable fares may be modified during their subscription or pass. This principle applies in the case of fare revisions. The user will be notified through all the Service's channels in case of fare revision.

In the event of a modification in the usage cost, this modification will automatically apply to ongoing subscriptions and passes.

In the event of a modification in the access cost to the Service, the user will have a period of 15 days from the notification of the new fares to cancel their one-year subscription. Otherwise, the new pricing will be applied at the next due date.

Service Payment

The billing of the Service is based on the subscriptions, passes, and trips actually taken. The billing will be done as follows:

  • An on-demand billing for subscribing to a subscription or pass.
  • A cumulative billing for trip costs.

For security reasons, certain types of credit cards may be temporarily or permanently unusable on the Service.

The payment of the Service is made by credit card, for which the user has provided the details during the creation of their account or as part of any update of their banking information.

By entering their credit card numbers, the user gives the operator permission to debit their credit card for all amounts owed by the user in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. The user acknowledges and declares:

  • That the credit card associated with their account and its details are valid and remain valid.
  • That they have the capacity, consent, or necessary authority to associate this credit card with their account and be debited.

At the beginning of the trip, the payment platform chosen by the operator proceeds with a pre-authorization to debit the user's credit card to guarantee payment of the Service.

In certain cases depending on the user's bank, this pre-authorization may temporarily appear on the user's bank account; said pre-authorization is removed at the end of the trip to make way for the final charge.

Payment Security

For each subscription or pass, a pre-authorization is made to debit the user's credit card in order to ensure the proper use of the Service, for an amount of €15. In certain cases, depending on the user's bank, this pre-authorization may temporarily appear on the user's bank account; said pre-authorization is removed at the end of the trip to make way for the final charge.

The operator uses the services of a specialized payment platform to secure online payments made by credit card. Payments are made through a secure and PCI-DSS certified payment interface. The payment platform commits to maintaining this certification (or any equivalent certification, regardless of its future denomination) and is responsible for the security of the data of cardholders that they collect or store, process, or transmit on behalf of the operator. The user is informed that the provisions relating to the possible fraudulent use of their credit card are those resulting from the agreement with their bank. The operator cannot be held responsible in any case for the fraudulent use of a user's means of payment.

Withdrawal and Termination

In the case of distance subscription, the user has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 calendar days from the date of concluding their one-year subscription, without the need to provide justification or pay penalties. The starting point for this period is considered the receipt of the subscription confirmation, and the burden of proof of sending and its date lies with the user.

In this case, the user informs the operator of their decision to withdraw before the expiration of the aforementioned period by means of an unambiguous declaration expressing their intention to withdraw, either by email or by postal mail with acknowledgment of receipt, sent to the operator's address.

If the service has not started at the time the user exercises their right to withdraw, the user will be fully reimbursed for the amounts paid. If the service has already begun before the expiration of the withdrawal period, a prorated refund will be made for the remaining number of days in the annual subscription until the subscription's expiration date. The days that have already passed during the subscription, as well as any travel costs or non-restitution indemnities, will still be owed.

Termination can occur at the operator's initiative in the following cases:

  • Fraud in the subscription or account application, false declaration, falsification of supporting documents.
  • Fraudulent use of the service.
  • Non-compliance with the present terms and conditions.

Termination initiated by the operator in these cases does not exempt the possibility of legal proceedings, including criminal charges. Termination initiated by the operator does not entitle the user to any reimbursement. For users whose subscription, pass, and account are terminated by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt or by email, the termination will take effect after a period of 3 calendar days from the date of receipt of the registered mail or email.